Google Wonder Wheel Information

google-wonder-wheelKeyword research is one of the most important factors in any SEO campaign. Every SEO knows this is a fact and it is a critical component for anyone wanting to make money online.

The Google Wonder wheel allowed people to search for a keyword and then find all of the related keywords to such. Basically, it would allow you to easily create a keyword strategy for your site.

Say for example, you wanted to create a page on your site for “blue widgets”, the wonder wheel would tell you all the related queries to blue widgets. For example “best blue widgets” “new blue widgets” or perhaps even “green widgets”.

This made it a great deal easier to find and select profitable keywords for your venture and allow you to not miss any keywords your competition may also be missing. In short, the wonder wheel gave SEO’s an edge.

Google Wonder Wheel SEO Links

Fast forward to 2011 and the Google Wonder Wheel has been withdrawn from public use.

However, starting in 2012, Google has brought forward a new tool that beats the Wonder Wheel by a mile but also has many of the same features. Introducing the Contextual Targetting Tool.

Contextual Targeting Tool

contextual-targeting-tool-findThe contextual targeting tool is located from the drop down menu from within the Adwords tool. The screenshot to the right shows you how to get there.

The basics of the new tool are that you in-put your own keyword.

You then get shown a list of all the related keywords and the cost per click of each keyword (Very helpful).

You can then drill down by selecting keywords and then finding more related keywords to that.

This is very handy for when you are starting a new money making venture. It will allow you to find more and more profitable keywords that will help you make money online.

Below is a screenshot of the tool in action.


As you can see, you enter a keyword, then you can click on it. You can go down as many levels as you want. Each click will give you lots more related keywords.

Hopefully you can see the power of this for all of your SEO and make money online efforts. Below is a helpful video from Google telling you about how to use the contextual targeting tool.

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